A creature's race defines the most basic aspects of the creature. Evolutionary has a mix of animals that have evolved into humanoids. Each retains minor attributes as well as the looks of the animals they have evolved from.


Each race has two primary attributes allowing them to roll 4d6H + 4 for those two attributes. This defines a natural tendency for a race to favor certain attributes but this is not guaranteed and there are exceptions within each race.

Bo Taurus (Bull / Cow)

Bo Taurus are strong fierce humanoid combatants with the ability to withstand punishment and then return the assault.

Physical description: Standing over 7 feet tall these hulking creatures weigh in at over 300 pounds with females shorter at 6 feet and just over 250 pounds. Their faces resemble a bulls or cows head with two horns jutting from the top of the head as minor bumps or up to a foot long with sharp points. The short thin fur across their bodies can range from white to black with most being a shade of brown and growing thicker around the shoulders and neck region.

  • Favored Class: Warrior.
  • Primary traits: Power and Resilience
  • Horns: If using a 1 handed weapon a creature can make an addition horn attack piercing Speed d6, 2 light (4 light if charging) damage.  If you attack with both horns and a 1 handed weapon you gain no shield bonus that round.

Racoon (Procyon)

Racoons are small humanoids that can be sneaky and quick.

Physical description: They have thick grey black fur turning solid black around the eyes and white on the nose. The head has small round ears on top with a pointed nose and the tail is very fluffy with black and white stripes going around it. Standing at around 4 feet tall they can vary in weight from 60 pounds up to 180 pounds. Their arms and legs have a very thin layer of grey fur making them look puffy without clothing.

  • Favored Class: Rogue.
  • Primary traits: Finesse and Agility.
  • Ingenuity and Tactile efficiency: Skilled at Disable Device
  • Night vision: Ignores penalty dice to vision based alertness checks at night but not underground.

Fox (Vulpes)

Foxes are quick thinkers that pay attention to details as well as what others are up to.

Physical description: They are a thin humanoid race with thick fur ranging from white to a reddish brown in color. The fur covers all of their body including a very thick and fluffy tail that can grow to up to a foot long. Their heads are small with long noses and pointed ears on top of their heads. Standing around 5 foot tall they weigh in near 140 pounds.

  • Favored Class: Mage.
  • Primary traits: Mind and Perception.
  • Heightened senses: Skilled at Alertness
  • Night vision: Ignores penalty dice to vision based alertness checks at night but not underground.

Ape (Simian)

Apes are very witty and can exert great power over others as well as being strong in the face of adversity.

Physical description: These humanoids have large shoulders and big flat heads with thin fur usually black to gray in color. The hair is thick on the head and thins out on the shoulders and becomes a thin coat on the rest of the body. They stand between 5 and 6 feet tall weighing from 135 to 250 pounds . With flat ears and a flat face they have a more square face compared to other races.

Dragon (Draconic)

Dragons are a smart race with the ability to take that knowledge and apply it to others.

Physical description: Dragons are large humanoids that have large thick bodies, legs and arms with little in the way of a neck. Scales cover their body in a range of most any color. Standing at slightly over  6 feet tall and weighing around 225 pounds. Their heads are long with hard scales protecting the head and nose. Teeth fill the mouth making it long and dangerous looking.

  • Favored Class: Elementalist
  • Primary traits: Mind and Personality.
  • Breath Weapon: 20’ cone of dragon type damage. Speed d10,2 light damage cannot be used on consecutive rounds.
  • Ultravision: Can see 60’ in the dark.

Bear (Ursine)

Bears are large powerful creatures with the ability to apply that power where it is needed at the right moment.

Physical description: These large humanoids are large and powerful creatures. With thick shaggy hair ranging from black to a light brown in color. They stand over 7 feet tall weighing in at over 300 pounds. They have long snouts where the fur is thin and usually a brown color and large round ears on the top of their heads. Their hair is thick and coarse running all over the body up to the hands and feet.

  • Favored Class: Gladiator
  • Primary traits: Power and Finesse.
  • Claws: Speed d6, 2 light damage.
  • Scent: Can locate creatures without sight within melee range.

Badger ()

Badgers are very strong creatures with the ability to withstand most anything that comes their way.

Physical description: These short fat humanoids have long heads with small ears and long noses. They have thick coarse hair that is mainly grey all over the body with white and black striped hair on the face. Standing at 4 feet tall they are stocky at 180 pounds. They have short legs and arms that increase the stocky illusion of these creatures.

  • Favored Class: Healer.
  • Primary traits: Resilience and Willpower.
  • Skilled at Athletics due to their ability to climb swim and sprint.
  • Scent: Can locate creatures without sight within melee range.

Cat (Feline)

Cats are quick and agile creatures that let very little pass them buy without at least a quick inquiry.

Physical description: These long and thin humanoids can have thick or thin fur all over the body ranging in most any color from white, black, brown, orange and gray. They can be solid in color to striped or even spotted. Standing at 5 feet tall they weigh a mere 100 pounds. With being slim and having long legs and arms these creatures look very slender. They have large eyes and a small pointed nose with pointy ears on top of their head.

  • Favored Class: Scout.
  • Primary traits: Agility and Perception.
  • Skilled at Acrobatics due its tail and jumping ability.
  • Night vision: Ignores penalty dice to vision based alertness checks at night but not underground.