Professions help define a creature's day to day life and what they are doing when they are not on the center stage. Professions also help define a character’s training they have learned as well as who they know and what influence they have in society. Professions give a creature a contact, knowledge, training and influence.

[Creator notes: Each profession gets 7 points with each one being a point after the lowest level in each point. The points are: Contacts (Numbers, Level, Influence), Knowledge, Languages, Training, and Influence.]

Contact Edit

Contacts are well known by the creature and will give limited help when asked. Contacts are usually allies but when the situation is right they may be enemies. Contacts have three properties that may be used.

  • Numbers: There will either be an individual, a group of up to 5, or a group of up to 10.
  • Level: Determines how strong they are within the world and what class level they have. Low level is 1-3, Mid level is 4-6, and High level is 7-10.
  • Influence: Determines how much influence they have over others in society.

Knowledge Edit

You have studied a body of knowledge. When checking a character’s knowledge they may be able to answer a question within their field of study using the Difficulty Die given by the game master.

Any area of thinking can be a knowledge and as such this list is not a complete list but more of a basic list of known areas of knowledge:

Animals, Arcana, Arts, Commerce, Elements, Engineering, Dungeoneering, Geography, History, Local, Nobility, Plants, Religion, Warfare, and Weather.

Languages Edit

Some professions have learned additional languages and these will be listed when appropriate. Also just because a creature knows a language does not mean they may read that language. They must have training in read and writing in that language to be able to do so.

Training Edit

A creature is trained in the two actions listed.

Influence Edit

Influence is how much power and widespread reputation a creature has. Influence is broken up into 5 categories.

  • No Influence: No one knows much about you and you have little contact with society. This is the majority of the populace.
  • Average Influence: You are known locally and has influence within this local part of society. This would describe a local merchant.
  • Moderate Influence: You have a strong influence locally as well as being known in the region. This would describe a local baron or lord.
  • Renown Influence: You are a local power and have strong influence within the region. You are also known far and wide. This would describe a King or Queen.
  • Legendary Influence: You are a regional power and hold strong influence all over the world. This belongs to the few heroes and immortals that walk the land.

Alchemist Edit

An Alchemist studies mixtures and concoctions to create magical potions and salves.

Contact: A mid level alchemist of moderate influence.

Knowledge: Plants.

Training: Craft (Alchemy), Survival.

Influence: Average.

Bounty Hunter Edit

A Bounty Hunter makes a living by capturing fugitives or other wanted creatures.

Contact: A low level official with renown influence.

Knowledge: Geography.

Training: Diplomacy, Survival.

Influence: Average.

Cleric Edit

A Cleric has taken an oath within a structured church to uphold the values and beliefs of that church. To select the Cleric profession a character must have a faith.

Contact: A mid level cleric of moderate influence.

Knowledge: Religion.

Training: Healing, Reading and Writing in one language.

Influence: Average.

Merchant Edit

A Merchant sales a product in a market for profit.

Contact: A group of 5 low level merchants with moderate influence.

Knowledge: Commerce.

Skills: Diplomacy, Merchantry.

Influence: Average.

Hunter Edit

A Hunter uses skills to live off of the wild.

Contact: A group of 5 low level hunters with average influence.

Knowledge: Animals, Weather.

Training: Athletics, Handle Animal, Survival.

Influence: None.

Soldier Edit

A soldier has learned the ways of warfare. Trained in combat they have learned to kill.

Contacts: A group of 10 low level soldiers with average influence.

Knowledge: War.

Training: Athletics, Healing, Survival.

Influence: None.

Thief Edit

A thief leads a life of crime and has many contacts and skills to help in his larceny.

Contacts: A group of 5 low level thieves with moderate influence.

Knowledge: Local.

Training: Disable Device, Stealth.

Influence: Average.