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Welcome to the Evolutionary Roleplaying Game Wiki

Evolutionary is a Role playing game based upon the evolutionary theory that most animals evolution has ended up in a humanoid form and that they are locked in a struggle to become the dominant species.

About Evolutionary Roleplaying Game

This is a play test for the Evolutionary Roleplaying game.

In this document will be the rules of how to create a character and run the game. The rules will be broken down into the following pages.

Basics is the how and what dice are used for most rolls within the game.

Definitions used in the game.

Attributes are the numbers that defines a creatures physical and mental abilities within the world. With these attributes you will build a character and define how that character can physically and mentally affect the world around them.

Races defines the most basic aspects of the creature. Evolutionary is a mix of animals that have evolved into humanoids. Each retains minor attributes as well as the looks of the animals they have evolved from but in humanoid form that stand up right and have two arms and hands.

Backgrounds help define a creature's history and may even help tell how they became the person they are today. Backgrounds also help define a creature’s early contacts, knowledge, training as well as starting equipment and coins.

Classes give abilities to creatures to aid in interacting within the world through skills and combat powers.

Professions help tie a creature to the world through contacts, knowledge, training, and obligations. This is the basic career path the creature is currently engaged in.

Skills is used by creatures to do actions within the world. When a creature wants to do an action that will have an unknown result the player must make an attribute check. Attribute checks are things from climbing a rock cliff, to deceiving the local guard to let you pass.

Abilities are enhancements given by classes to individualize a creature. They come in various groups being defined as Arcane, maneuvers, styles, and divine.

Magic is the power to shape the with supernatural forces.

Equipment helps define a character even further as they can customize their look and influence through items.

Combat is a detailed section on dealing with most heated conflicts within the game.

Creatures defines other creatures within the game that the players may encounter.

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