Equipment helps define a character even further as they can customize their look and influence through items. Most characters will have a set of armor, a weapon, an outfit

Coins Edit

Coins are the currency of the times and as such are what is used to purchase goods in society.

Coins are weighted as follows: 1 Gold = 10 Silver = 100 Copper =  1,000 Nickel = 10,000 Iron.

Armor Edit

Armor protects against physical damage. The stronger the armor a character wears the more power that is required but the better the protection and as well agility is reduced.

Power Edit

To wear armor a character must have the power to control the bulk of the armor. If a character’s power is lower than the bulk of the armor worn then that characters agility is reduce by the difference between his power and the bulk of the armor.

Protection Edit

An armor's protection is the difficulty number required for a weapon to be able to do damage.

Max Agility Edit

Each armor has a max agility rating. When worn a creatures agility is restricted to the armors max agility. A creature uses either his agility rating or the max agility of his armor which ever is the highest.

Armor Cost Min Power Armor Rating Max Agility
No Armor - - - 16
Leather 1 sp 8 6 15
Chain mail 15 sp 10 11 13
Breast plate 4 gp 12 14 11
Plate mail 15 gp 15 17 8

Shields Edit

Shields are large boards strapped to the arm to provide additional protection from attack. Shields do not provide armor protection but instead give cover and thus add to a creatures dodge.

Shield Cost Dodge Rating Min Power Min Finesse Max Agility
Buckler 8 cp +1 (1 Engagement) 8 10 15
Light Shield 12 cp +1 (2 Engagement) 10 11 13
Heavy Shield 2 sp +1 (3 Engagement) 12 12 11

Weapons Edit

Weapons are a way for a character to inflict harm upon another creature or to defend themselves from harm. Weapons have the following statistics, Cost, Damage, Speed, size, hands and Bulk.

Size Edit

Size is how big the weapon is. A creature one size category smaller than the weapon must use two hands or they gain a penalty die when attacking. A creature one size category larger than the weapon may use one of these weapons in their offhand in combat as long as they have the Two weapon combat style without a penalty die.

Cost Edit

The cost in gold on the open market.

Damage Edit

Weapon damage can be of two types, light damage and serious damage. A weapon that does light damage to a creature gives them one light wound per point of light damage. A weapon that does serious damage to a creature will do 5 light damage per point of serious damage, but if the damage does not pass the armor then the weapon will do one point of light damage per serious damage blocked.

Type Edit

Weapon type defines if it is a Bludgeoning, Piercing, or Slashing weapon. Certain effects such as Damage Reduction may use these to define if the damage is reduced.

Speed Edit

Speed determines what die is used when taking a primary action with this weapon. The lowest roll goes first when taking actions.

Hands Edit

This determines how many hands are required to use this weapon in combat.

Power Edit

To wield a weapon in combat without a penalty die a creature must have a power attribute equal to or greater than the bulk of the weapon. When wielding two weapons or a weapon and a shield both must be added together and then checked versus the creatures Power attribute.

Finesse Edit

To wield two weapons in combat without a penalty die a creature must have a Finesse attribute equal to or greater than the Finesse of the weapon being used in their off hand.

Range Edit

A weapon with range may attack at a distance up to the range number. For each increment of range in distance from the attacker to the target incurs a penalty die to attack and reduces the weapons damage die by one.

Small Weapons Edit

Need to add a sling.

Weapon Cost Dmg Type Spd Hands Min Power Finesse Range Training Type
Unarmed -- 1 B d4 1 0 0 -- Unarmed
Dagger 2 cp 2 P d4 1 6 5 T Light sword
Sickle 6 cp 2 S-P d6 1 8 8 -- Farm
Hand Axe 8 cp 3 S d6 1 8 6 T Axe
Short sword 1 sp 3 P d6 1 10 6 -- Light sword

Medium Weapons Edit

Weapon Cost Dmg Type Spd Hands Min Power Finesse Range Mastery Type
Club -- 2 B d8 1 8 7 -- Mace
Morningstar 8 cp 3 B-P d10 1 11 9 -- Mace
Battleaxe 1 sp 4 S d10 1 13 8 -- Axe
Warhammer 1 cp 4 B d10 1 13 8 -- Hammer
Flail, Light 8 cp 3 B d8 1 11 12 -- Flail
Longsword 15 cp 4 S d8 1 10 8 -- Heavy sword
Mace, Light 5 cp 3 B d8 1 10 8 -- Mace
Pick, Light 4 cp 4 P d10 1 11 8 -- Pick

Large Weapons Edit

Need to add Blow gun and move spear to medium weapons.

Weapon Cost Dmg Type Spd Hands Power Finesse Range Mastery Type
Great Hammer 12 cp 5 B d12 2 14 12 -- Hammer
Great axe 2 sp 5 S d12 2 14 12 -- Axe
Great sword 5 sp 5 S d10 2 14 12 -- Heavy Sword
Mace, Heavy 12 cp 4 B d12 2 14 12 -- Mace
Flail, Heavy 15 cp 4 B d12 2 14 12 -- Flail
Pick, Heavy 8 cp 5 P d12 2 14 12 -- Pick
Spear 5 cp 3 P d8 1 8 10 T Spear
Quarter staff -- 3 B d10 2 8 12 -- Quarter staff
Pike 8 cp 5 P d12 2 12 12 -- Polearm
Glaive 9 cp 5 S d12 2 12 12 -- Polearm
Halberd 1 sp 4 P-S d12 2 12 12 -- Polearm
Scythe 18 cp 4 P-S d10 2 14 14 -- Farming
Longbow 75 cp 4 P d10 2 11 13 80’ Bow
Shortbow 3 sp 3 P d10 2 9 11 50’ Bow
Crossbow, Light 3 sp 3 P d6 1 8 8 80’ Crossbow
Crossbow, Hvy 5 sp 4 P d6 2 10 10 100’ Crossbow

Outfit Edit

An outfit is a bundle of clothes that a creature is wearing. These outfits help a creature fit into a specific social setting and make purchasing clothing simple and easy.

Item Cost Item Cost
Artisan’s outfit 1 cp Noble’s outfit 75 cp
Cleric’s vestments 5 cp Peasant’s outfit 1 cp
Cold weather outfit 8 cp Royal outfit 2 gp
Entertainer’s outfit 3 cp Scholar’s outfit 5 cp
Explorer’s outfit 1 sp Traveler’s outfit 1 cp
Monk’s outfit 5 cp Rags 0 cp

Packs Edit

Packs have been setup to make selecting gear easy and simple for those who do not have to pick every item they may want. These also come at a slight discount since they are in a bundle.

Alchemist pack 19 cp Fisherman pack 12 cp Riders pack 27 cp
Bounty Hunter  pack 37 cp Gambler pack 1 cp Spelunker pack 16 cp
Entertainer pack 79 cp Noble pack 53 cp Traveler pack 15 cp
Explorer pack 10 cp Priest pack 9 cp
  • Alchemist pack: Backpack, 2 bottles (glass), 5 candles, flint and steel, ink, inkpen,  journal, 2 vials (glass).
  • Bounty hunter pack: Backpack, manacles, lock (average), rope (25’).
  • Entertainer pack: Backpack, belt pouch, common musical instrument, ink, inkpen,  journal, makeup kit, mirror, soap.
  • Explorer pack: Backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, blanket, block and tackle, grappling hook, mug (clay), rope (25’), sewing needle, signal whistle, whetstone.
  • Fisherman pack: Backpack, belt pouch, block and tackle, fishing hook, fishing net.
  • Gambler pack: Poker chips, deck of cards, dice, sack.
  • Noble pack: Chest, Lock (moderate), ink, inkpen, 10 paper, sealing wax, signet ring, soap.
  • Priest pack: Backpack, belt pouch, 10 candles, flint and steel, holy symbol (wooden), ink, inkpen, 10 paper, sealing wax, signet ring, soap.
  • Riders pack: Animal feed (5 days), belt pouch, bit and bridle, rope (25’), saddle (riding), saddlebags.
  • Spelunker pack: Backpack, 2 candles, chalk, flint and steel, grappling hook, hammer, lamp (hooded), 5 oil (lamp), pick, 4 pitons, 2 ropes (25’), 2 sacks, 5 torches,
  • Traveler pack: Bedroll, blanket,  firewood (bundle), flint and steel, iron pot, 5 rations (trail), tent (large), 10 torches, sack, waterskin.

Gear Edit

Gear is a catch all phrase for equipment that is useful when out in the world or even at home. This is a comprehensive list of items any creature may want to carry and select individually from the packs above.

Item Cost Item Cost Item Cost
Animal feed (1 day) 2 cp Dice 1 np Papyrus, sheet 8 np
Backpack 2 cp Flask 3 ip Parchment, sheet 2 np
Barrel 2 cp Flint and Steel 1 cp Pick 3 cp
Basket 4 np Grappling hook 5 np Pitcher, clay 2 ip
Bedroll 1 np Hammer 1 cp Piton 1 np
Bell 1 cp Ink 5 np Pole, 10’ 2 np
Belt, pouch 1 cp Inkpen 1 np Pot, iron 5 np
Bit and Bridle 2 cp Iron pot 8 np Ram 10 cp
Blanket 5 np Journal, book 10 cp Rations, trail 5 np
Block and Tackle 5 cp Jug, clay 3 ip Rope, 25’ 5 np
Bottle, Glass 2 cp Ladder 10’ 5 ip Sack 1 np
Bucket 5 np Lamp, normal 1 np Saddle (Riding) 10 cp
Caltrops 1 cp Lamp, hooded 7 cp Saddle bags 4 cp
Candle 1 ip Lock, basic 10 cp Sealing wax 1 cp
Canvas 1 np Lock, average 20 cp Sewing needle 5 np
Cards & Chips 1 cp Lock, moderate 40 cp Signal whistle 8 np
Case, map 1 cp Lock, difficult 80 cp Signet ring 5 cp
Chain, 10’ 30 cp Lock, hard 150 cp Sledge hammer 1 cp
Chalk, 1 piece 1 np Makeup kit 50 cp Soap 5 np
Chest 2 cp Manacles 15 cp Shovel 2 cp
Cloth, common 7 cp Merchant scale 2 cp Spyglass 10 gp
Cloth, fine 5 sp Mirror, small 10 cp Tent, Large 10 cp
Cloth, rich 1 gp Mug 2 ip Tent, Small 5 cp
Crowbar 2 cp Oil, Greek fire 1 cp Torch 1 ip
Firewood, bundle 1 ip Oil, Lamp 1 np Vial, glass 1 cp
Fishhook 1 np Paper, sheet 4 np Waterskin 1 cp
Fishing net 4 cp Papyrus, sheet 8 np Whetstone 2 ip