There are many terms and creature states defined during combat and below is a list of those terms and states.

Action Speed (AS) Edit

Action speed determines when characters gets to take a turn in combat. If two creatures roll the same action speed then the creature with the higher finesse gets to go first. If they have the same finesse then who ever has the highest agility.

Armor Rating (AR) Edit

Armor rating is the difficulty number assign to armor that damage dice must equal or beat on a d20 to do damage to the character.

Attack Roll Edit

A roll to determine if an attack hits. An attacker will roll 2d10 and must be equal to or beat a characters dodge rating.

Agility Edit

This is the physical attribute dealing with resistances in dodging and reflexes.

Attributes Edit

Attributes are one of a characters eight basic qualities: Power, Resilience, Finesse, Agility, Mind, Perception, Personality, and Willpower. These range from 6 to 16.

Attribute Checks Edit

A basic check of 2d10 versus a characters attribute to determine if their action is successful. Attribute checks are done with Power, Finesse, Mind, and Personality.

Attribute Resistence Edit

A basic check of 1d20 versus a characters attribute to determine if they have resisted damage, harm, or negative actions from opponents. Attribute resistances are done with Resilience, Agility, Perception, and Willpower.

Bash Edit

A bash attack increases the damage die by the specified amount.

Cleave Edit

A cleave attack increases the damage die by the specified amount.

Critical strike Edit

A critical strike does 3 critical damage. Any light damage dice turned into a critical strike does not do the original light damage.

Damage (Dmg) Edit

Damage is the amount of damage a weapon or ability may do to an opponent or object. Most damage is rated in light wounds (lt) or critical wounds (cr).

Deflection Edit

A character may reduce a specific number of damage dice when hit. They may deflect that many times per round. The damage dice are reduced before they are rolled.

Dodge Rating Edit

Dodge is the difficulty number that is required by an attacker to equal to or beat to score a hit on an opponent. Dodge rating is Agility + Equipment.

Engaged Edit

A character is engaged when they are within melee range of an opponent. A character can engage up to 2 opponents at one time. Any character attacking an opponent unengaged gives the attacker an additional attack die.

First Strike Edit

A character may make an attack before an opponent when they move within reach.

Melee Edit

Melee is a term in combat that relates to a character fighting within hand-to-hand. This may be with hands, claws, swords, axes, etc.

Precision Edit

Any attack using precision gains an additional attack die.

Resistance check Edit

A character that is attacked with a spell may get a resistance check against the spell. Any resist check is rolled against a resist attribute such as Agility, Resistance

Ranged Edit

Ranged is a term in combat that relates to character fighting from a distance with weapons such as bows, thrown weapons, breath attacks, or magical powers.

Surprise Edit

A surprised charcter is not aware of an opponent that has began hostile actions towards them.